10 INSANE Examples Of Trump 2020 Masks Driving Liberals Batshit Crazy

This post will tell you everything you need to know about the "tolerant" left.

Notice any nasty glares while wearing your Trump 2020 mask?

Odds are it was a spiteful liberal. Time to show you what they were thinking, but too afraid to say to your face.

The 10 most INSANE liberal reactions to Trump 2020 masks:

1. I am going to dismember you

Trump 2020 mask reaction dismember you

2. I am going to revoke your membership to a gym

Trump 2020 mask reaction revoke membership

3. I am going to withhold your medication

Trump 2020 mask reaction withhold your medication

4. I am going to punch you in the face

Trump 2020 mask punch you in the face

5. I am going to disown my own father

Trump 2020 mask reaction disown father

6. I am going to disown my own mother

Trump 2020 mask reaction disown mother

7. I am going to deny you service

Trump 2020 mask reaction deny you service

8. I am going to abuse a child

Trump 2020 mask reaction abuse a child

9. I am going to cut my own patient with a blade

Trump 2020 mask cut you with a blade

10. I am going to assault an elderly person

Trump 2020 mask assault an elderly person

BONUS: I am going to quit my job at Bob Evans

Trump 2020 mask quit Bob Evans

She sure will be missed at Bob Evans.

Quite the lovely bunch. Am I right?

And I thought they wanted us to wear masks...

Now we would like to hear from you:

What has been your experience wearing a Trump 2020 or MAGA mask?

Comment below with your stories.

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Trump 2020 masks liberal reaction


  • Robert Black

    I wear my Trump 2020 mask everywhere, including the dentist, but not at the hospital. Most of the time, I get compliments, but if not, too bad. I’m 65, and not about to apologize for wearing a mask demanded by the local Government. IF they are going to impose on me, I’ll wear what I please.

  • Donna

    I have worn my mask everywhere that I have to. Haven’t had any bad comments but have had some “thumbs up” and “Like it!”.

  • Carol

    My Trump /Pence 2020 mask is my way of reminding people that we all live in a free country and I can still express my 1st amendment right any damn way I want to. I encourage them to do the same. America is beautiful that way.😆

  • JustMe

    I wear my mask anywhere I’m not wanting service. Don’t need someone spitting in my food. Don’t wear it to the doctor’s either, don’t know their position, but not sure I want to find out the hard way. Love my Trump 2020 masks!

  • Mary Behrens

    I wear my Trump 2020 mask everywhere but if I’m going where I need a service. People are scary!! However, almost everytime I wear it someone gives me a thumbs up, or a “where did you get that?” or a “we’re praying for the president.” We are out there!!!!

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