MAGA Mask Drives Leftist Mob Into A Frenzy On College Campus

Kaitlin Bennett, otherwise known as the Kent State gun girl, went to UCF campus wearing one of our MAGA masks to interview students about the upcoming election. What transpired was truly insane.

Bennett posted video from the incident on Twitter, writing that “left-wing terrorists at @UCF attacked my security & I, wished death on me, & forced me to need a police escort off campus, all because I support @realDonaldTrump . I am calling on Donald Trump to #DefundUCF & any other university that lets domestic terrorists shut down free speech.”

Bennett and her crew were mobbed so badly by hundreds of students that they had to hide out in a bagel shop until they could get a police escort to leave the campus.

In a statement about the attack on someone for their political views, UCF victim-blamed and said that “the group’s,” meaning Bennett and her security, “presence on campus today was intended to agitate and offend many members of out community.” They also condemned them for not wearing masks, while ignoring the behavior of their students. 

The thing is she did have a mask! As long time admirers of Kaitlin's work, we had sent her one of our MAGA masks. The mob did not like when she put it on. One fine young lady saying, "I hope you get Corona and die for not wearing the right mask." The left will relentlessly mask shame you, but when you wear one that supports President Trump, they want you dead. Hypocrisy like you read about.

Kaitlin closed the day saying that she had a message for Donald Trump – which is to defund public universities, saying that they are centers for left-wing indoctrination. 

How can you disagree? Now is the time to stand up for what we believe in. There are only 52 days until the most important election of our lifetime. Buy a Trump 2020 or MAGA mask today and help President Trump save our country from the leftist mob.

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  • Native TEXAN

    90+% these comments regarding OUR President are coming from cities that are run by democrats and do not want to be any part of the American way of life. I have never hear a disparaging word form anyone i have seen wearing my mask. I have seen several people look away or shake there heads. That fine they have a right to do so and I have the same right to wear what I want. I bought 3 masks, I wear two and gave the other one away to a good friend who wears it.

    As to the people who dislike TRUMP, and the UNITED STATES of America…………. No One is Stopping You from Renouncing you citizenship and leaving this Great Country!

  • Delaney In Colorado Springs

    Here in Colorado I get 99.9% thumbs-up, kuddos, and comments how much people LOVE my MAGA mask.

    I am forever saddened to see our children going to college and getting brain washed by their Socialist professors & teachers who are clearly bitter with the world for their life choices. Because they aren’t happy with the simple lives (which they AIMED FOR AND ACHIEVED….) they want socialism so they can be HANDED what they did not earn. So they brainwash our children hoping that through numbers they can create their Socialist splendor. They seem to strive for a “Hunger Games” style life…

  • Karie Waterman

    Love mine. So far only positive comments. Go Trump

  • CArole LOnergan

    I love mine to. It does drive the left wild

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