5 Tips To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Trump 2020 & MAGA Masks

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Hello Patriots,

First of all, thank you for your business. I assume you are here because you purchased a Trump 2020 or MAGA mask for sale in our store. If not, you can buy your Trump 2020 mask or MAGA mask today. Below are the 5 tips to get the most out of your masks.

TIP 1: Make sure your Trump 2020 or MAGA mask is covering your mouth AND nose

If you wear your mask too low so it does not cover your mouth and nose, you are doing it wrong! You risk becoming ill or making someone else ill.


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We often breathe partially or fully through our nose. If you leave your nose exposed you may breathe in viral particles. If you happen to be infected, when you sneeze and your nose is not covered you will be spreading more viral droplets.

Finally, you risk being infected if your nose peeks out onto the outside of your mask. You do not want your nose touching the exterior at all.

TIP 2: Wash your hands before putting your Trump 2020 or MAGA mask on and after taking it off

This one seems obvious. Hopefully you are already washing your hands regularly as you have been lectured about ever since this war against an invisible enemy started.

That said, it is especially critical to wash them before putting your mask on and when taking it off. Think about all the air, dust, and potentially viral particles your mask has been protecting you from. All of it would now be on your mask.

Therefore, since you have to touch your mask to put it on or take it off it is critical to wash your hands at those times.

TIP 3: Do not wear your MAGA or Trump 2020 mask too loose on your face

The goal with your mask is to create a barrier that blocks as much air as possible. You are not going to get a perfect seal like you would with an N95 medical grade mask, but you want to make sure it fits properly on your face.

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The mask needs to be comfortable enough that you will wear it for extended periods of time, but secure enough so that it does not fall down.

TIP 4: Avoid having your MAGA or Trump 2020 mask make contact with your body or your stuff

If the virus gets on your clothes, face, or body, and your loose Trump 2020 or MAGA mask touches it, there could be an issue of contamination. If the inside of the mask comes in contact with a part of your body or your belongings that are contaminated and the mask returns to covering your face an infection could occur.

You also want to try to avoid having your mask hang from your neck. When you are putting it on or off, handle the mask by the adjustable ear loops. When you are done wearing the mask place in a plastic bag or containment area separate from anything else.

TIP 5: Properly clean your Trump 2020 or MAGA mask

You can wash our cotton face masks in a washing machine. If you are using your mask consistently, we would recommend trying to wash them every day so that any contaminates are removed. 

Wear your MAGA and Trump 2020 masks proudly because America needs to get back to work

We hope you breathe easy with your MAGA and Trump 2020 masks. If you enjoy it, please spread the word. We will not stop until Donald Trump is reelected. He is the only option if you want to Keep America Great.




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